When Time Stood Still: Newborn Bundle of Sweetness {Hemet/San Jacinto Newborn Photographer}

So, I know it may seem as though I gush about EVERY client on the blog, but in all honesty, God does such amazing things when He creates people.  Whether they see it or not, I have yet to find one client who does not radiate the image of God in some way – His character, His creativity, His intensity, His beauty…  I feel truly blessed to meet all my new friends and see Him in them.

That being said, God really outdid Himself when He made this precious little newborn.  As I complimented Baby Cole’s sweet, tiny, six-day-old features, his grandfather said something like, “I’m sure you say that about all the babies!”  And I do, because it’s so true!!  Isn’t he just perfect?!

A little angel, really.

Cole’s Mommy and I worked together to soothe him to sleep for this first set of images; he was such a little doll.  It’s so important to me to work on baby’s schedule when creating newborn portraits – and our patience paid off:) .

Though we’ve just met, the impression I get is that Baby Cole is entering such a peaceful family – full of gentle patience and overflowing with strong love.

Adding more feet to the family!:)

It’s so clear that big brother Caleb adores his baby too!

The connection between a mother and her baby is always beautiful.

Love those wrinkly toes!!

While Mommy fed baby, Daddy and big brother played baseball.

It was adorable, and I hope these portraits help you as parents remember the roundness of his little face at this stage of toddlerhood, his inquisitive eyes, those cute little jeans he’ll be grown out of soon, and how the special relationship you share now will only grow more precious from here on out.

Thank you so much for the privilege of creating with your beautiful family, Trujillos.  Can’t wait to show you the rest of your portraits!

Cherish, Love, Remember Always,


I Heart Faces – “All Boy” Entry

I have never doubted that our boys are “all boy,” even when, for a short period of time when he was two, Micah said his favorite color was pink 😉 .

They are double-trouble, double-energy, double-sweetness, double-fun!!

So hard to choose, but I think I’ll go with this image of our middle boy Noah for my entry this week:


“Caught in the Act”


I’m not sure how he can look SO innocent and SO guilty, all at the same time!
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Photo Challenge Submission


When Time Stood Still: I Heart Faces – All Boy Series {Inland Empire Children’s Photographer}

I have never doubted that our boys are “all boy,” even when, for a short period of time when he was two, Micah said his favorite color was pink 😉 .

They are double-trouble, double-energy, double-sweetness, double-fun!!

All of these are totally candid images.  I call this one “Teeth and Guns”:


“Caught in the Act”

“A Boy and His Dog”

“Only They Can Make Each Other Laugh Like This”

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Photo Challenge Submission

When Time Stood Still: Irresistable Sweetness {San Jacinto Newborn Photographer}

Little Miss Kendall was just 11 days old when we met at her beautiful home to capture her tiny newborn features.  Her Mommy and Daddy are so proud of this bundle of sweetness;

love for her just seems to radiate right out of them.


There’s nothing like being held by Mommy and Daddy.  It’s amazing to me how babies relax in their parents’ arms.

Okay, see what I mean about the irresistable sweetness?

This is one of Mommy and Daddy’s favorite outfits for K – we thought she looked so cute, like a little beach girl from the 1920’s:) .

Kendall was so cuddly, all curled up, sticking her little fingers and thumb in her mouth, hand to her face… drifting off to sleepyland.

Her room was the sweetest cherry blossom pink, the room Mommy wished she would’ve had growing up.  (I think any girl would love it!)

That’s Kendall, tiny little thing, sleeping there on the closet shelf. I had Mommy right beside Kendall, barely outside the frame with arms ready, for safety of course! (Safety is of the utmost importance to me – I’d never knowingly sacrifice a newborn’s safety just for the cuteness of a shot.)

Thank you so very much, Colin and Breanna, for the opportunity to meet you and capture memories with your sweet little girl.  She will grow and change so fast – you’re going to LOVE watching it all transpire before your very eyes!  Cherish this time, and know you’ll be blessed even more by her life in the months and years to come.

~ Andrea

Precious Treasure in a Tiny Package {Menifee Newborn Portraiture}

I’d like to introduce to the world a beautiful little pearl, Elizabeth Grace.  Her mother and father are good friends of ours, and I was so honored to create newborn portraits of her when sweet Lizzie was still so new. 


Isn’t she the sweetest little girl you’ve ever seen?!

This one would look great as a gallery-wrapped canvas too – in fact, I think I’ll put one up in my new gallery if we move:) .  I love her soft, tiny features and the way she’s all curled up and cuddly.

Here she is again, all wide-eyed and full of wonder.

But of course even sweet little ones have some “I’m NOT happy!” moments…

And then, after a bit, they drift back off, not a care in the world.

Jeremy and Anne, the two of you have a precious daughter.  Thank you so much for inviting me in to capture this amazing time in your lives.  She’ll only be this little for such a short time – cherish, love, and remember always! 

New Life, Abounding Love {Riverside Custom Newborn Portraiture}

I had the absolute privilege of shooting with the B Family just 7 days after little Caleb was born.  My, what a family full of life and love he has entered! 

Precious little man, welcome to our world!


LOVE that natural little fauxhawk!  Those who know Gil & Cassie know that this little guy is such a perfect blend of the two of them.

Such a fun family, with Nana joining in!

Caleb content in Mommy’s arms…  Her love for him is so precious.

And sleeping, protected by Daddy’s embrace.

Can I just say how much I ADORE tiny baby features? 

And here’s one of Daddy and Sissy – so happy together!

It was SO sweet to see how big brother & big sister dote on Caleb.  They are so proud of their little brother!


Shoots like these make me all the more excited to meet our little one in October!


G&C, thank you so much for entrusting your memories from Caleb’s first days to me.  He is such a doll, and I can’t wait to see him grow through the years!  Love you!


Precious Little Ones {Hemet Infant & Family Portraiture}

Okay, these have to be the most angelic-looking creatures I’ve ever seen…

Yes, they’re totally that precious in person too.

When I met with the T family for their Portraiture Session last week, I was so excited to see how their little girls have grown since we last had a session.  I took Hailee’s 6 month portraits in summer of 2008, and now had the honor of doing the same for little Hannah.  What precious girls they are – such soulful, beautiful eyes and intelligent spirits. 

Here are a few from Hailee’s shoot in 2008:

Daddy and Mommy are both very talented musically, so music has played a part of both sessions.



What an adorable baby she was, and she is just as adorable now!

Hailee’s little sister, Hannah, is so sweet as well.  She’s very social and can bring a smile to any room.  Here a few of her 6 month portraits:

Hannah with Mommy –

Hannah with Daddy –

Those pursed lips are SO CUTE!  hehe



And here’s sissy again…



And a family portrait on the front porch swing:


Thanks so much for entrusting me with the special memories from this time in the life of your family, Mike & Bekah.  Love you four and can’t wait to show you the rest!

A Reciprocal Gift

When Sarah first approached me months before Christmas about photographing their newborn around the beginning of April, only God knew that little Sutton would be making an appearance 10 weeks earlier than planned.  Through many graces, Sutton has just now passed his original due date, and is thriving along with his Daddy and Mommy!!

Sarah with Sleeping Sutton

Sarah with Sleeping Sutton

Dan and Sarah also came up with a great idea – they wanted to capture some images with the traditional “With Love from God” gift tag on Sutton, but they also wanted to display their desire to continually offer their miracle baby back to the Lord as a gift.  It is my prayer that these images bring your godly sentiment and resolve to heart and mind through the years.

Dan and Sarah's Offering

Dan and Sarah's Offering

It was such a pleasure to capture special glimpses of the love you share.  May God continue to bless your sweet little family!

Family Love

Family Love